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Re: Aquarium Beautiful

At 03:48 AM 11/1/01 -0500, "F. Tadeo" <elboyblue at hotmail_com> asked:
>Has anyone read/heard of the book Aquarium Beautiful written by A. Van Den
>Nieuwenhuizen?  I would like to know if it is a good book worth buying.  I
>happened upon this book while browsing through Amazon.com so I didn't
>exactly have the opportunity to leaf through the pages...

It is a soft-cover book, more like a magazine.  AvdN takes wonderful 
pictures, some of his are in
the latest issue of PAM, PAM8.   Lead story is another Karen Randall 
treatise on mosses and liverworts.

Dave Gomberg, San Francisco       gomberg at wcf dot com
Planted Aquaria Magazine:        http://www.wcf.com/pam