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Re: Aquarium Beautiful

"Robert H" <robertpaulh at earthlink_net> wrote:

>>>Has anyone read/heard of the book Aquarium Beautiful written by A. Van Den
>Nieuwenhuizen?  I would like to know if it is a good book worth buying.  I
>happened upon this book while browsing through Amazon.com so I didn't
>exactly have the opportunity to leaf through the pages...<<
>It is a TFH publication that was originally published as a magazine/book
>that sold in pet stores for around $15 as I remember. Not sure if this is
>the same or a hard bound book. But it is real nice. Full of stunning color
>pictures of dutch aquascape aquariums and how to instructions for dutch
>aquascaping. It is what got me interested in dutch aquariums a few years
>ago. This gentleman is the Amano of the Dutch.
>Robert Paul Hudson

I make Robert's opinion mine. This book (actually a softcover, thick magazine)
contains the best description that I ever found of _what_ a "Dutch aquarium" 
actually is. I recently got it from TFH by US$ 1.99 _including shipping_ !
I guess they want to get rid of their inventory, or something. Send an
e-mail to Jane Frame, customer service at TFH: JFrame at tfh_com asking
for Aquarium Quarterly YB036 Aquarium Beautiful.

- Ivo Busko
  Baltimore, MD

  "Buy a fish, Save a tree !"
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