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Re: pH pens/probes

The option is yours regarding constant or periodic use of the pH monitor. The 
Pinpoint probes are supposed to be completely submersible. This per Mel the 
owner of American Marine. I have used them both ways with similar results. 
The main thing to do if you use it once in a while is to keep the probe tip 
wet. Never let the probe tip dry out. This is in the owner's manual also. I 
have my probes mounted on the back of the tank with 2-3 inches submerged. I 
find I have to calibrate once every 2-3 months, although I'd guess your tank 
conditions would dictate this. When the meter will not hold a calibration is 
the time to replace the probe. Maybe every 12-24 months. Your mileage may 
vary. When you calibrate the meter you are really calibrating the meter part 
to the operating characteristics of the probe. Meters and controllers hardly 
ever wear out or break IME. They last for years. The probes are what needs 
replacing. Keep a chemical pH test kit handy to double check the probes 
occaisionally. You will find thru experience that you will know when they 
need calibration because of the readings you are geting. 

If you use the Pinpoint unit continuously, do yourself a favor and buy the 
plug in AC adaptor, as the 9 volt batteries you use otherwise will wear out 
sooner than the Manual states. It is only about $10 or so.