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Re: Magic Plants

Bob Olesen wrote:

> Did you ever grow Heteranthera zosterifolia emerged?
> It produces small, light blue flowers that are hard to miss and the seeds 
> can go everywhere.

I've never grown it emersed, but it did often mat the surface in one of
my tanks.  I suppose that it may have flowered in that tank without my
noticing, then the seeds somehow hid themselves someplace where they
could eventually end up in my planter.

The other option is the plant develops an organ (like a turion) that is
intended to last through dry times.  That still leaves me wondering how
it got into the planter.

If I could remember the timing of everything that happened back then I
might find it easier to explain.

> I have this plant popping up all over my patio area along with
> Glossostigma e., Hemianthus m. and umbrosa - all of which flowered out there
> last spring. I even find them in growing in the soil of my potted 
> terrestrial ornamentals. They seem to appear more often wherever I disturb
> or pot other
> plants

Somehow I don't think that's going to be a problem in my yard, where
bermuda grass sometimes struggles to survive.

Roger Miller