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Re: Liquid rock

> 2. Should I just start gradually adding it to tanks and observe the results?
> What can we conjecture they might be? The plants are now, for the most part,
> growing well.  Am I looking for trouble? I know some Crypts: blassi, balansae
> maybe uster. lingua and Pont. come from areas where they are either growing
> on limestone or in tidal regions My blassi never did well, think this water
> might help? I've heard stories that many of the Sri Lanka Crypts actually
> like "hard" water.

Well I have some C. blassii(and the rest you mention) that looks more like a
large sword than a crypt. It's evry big My Gh is around 24. Not as nasty as
that well water:). The sulfur shouldn't hurt. I found a number of plants
growing very well in a sulfur hot springs over in the Santa Ynez valley.
Talking about the rotten egg smell:)
You might consider a blending of the two water sources for the crypts and
perhaps some other plants.

> 3.  Would it be safest to set up a tank with one example of each plant I
> could afford to loose and gradually replace some/most of the water they are
> used to with this new stuff to observe the results?

That's the best way to test and if all works well then you can assume at
least to a certain degree that it has no harmful effects. It works or it
doesn't. If the CO2 is good(wow what you need for a pH at 27 KH? I'd say
about 7.8 or so? I kind of would like to try GH and KH levels that high.
There's got to be some limit on those.
> Is there something I'm not thinking of here? Comments?
> Bob Olesen
> West Palm Beach

Tom Barr