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Re: GH

"I have a GH of 24. If you have higher it might hurt some plants but none
have been hurt per se in any way that I can tell from the high GH."

Great, that's what I was hoping to hear.

"CO2 or nutrients(namely macro's) are the two big problems. Keep those
stable, and you will do extremely well with plants."

I've got good light, CO2, have N, I assume I have P, and I dose K daily and
also dose a bit of Mg just in case.
Mg and K are derived from sulfate, so that would give me some S.
Does that cover the macro's?

"And the crypts do very well.
Regards,Tom Barr"

So happens the various crypts I have do the best, they have always been
healthy, which isn't true for all other plants I have.
Funny thing about my tank right now is that different plants show different
problem signs.

Chris Bostick