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Re: mystery shrimp/ torn fins regrow?

I had a few of the shrimp Maiha (I'm very sorry if I
spelled your name wrong) has.  I don't think we nailed
down what they were when I gave a link to a picture. 
At least we have a common name!  Some of them were
reddish, some bluish, and were rarely seen during the
couple months they lasted.  

They, along with all my japonica, rapidly died off for
no apparent reason.  I've given serious thought to the
ph swing theory.  How many other people who've had
this happen have had yeast co2?  Oddly, I discovered
almost all the bodies in the same location in my tank,
a 3 inch square area where some Blodia algae was
growing (it did not grow elsewhere in the tank and has
since disappeared).  Weird.  

This is scarcely plant tank related, but since the
prospective inhabitants might go into my planted tank,
I'm introducing this question as a rider.  It is:

Will the torn fins of battle weary Nigerian red
Pelvicachromis taeniatus regrow?  I can get some much
sooner if I accept ones in this condition.  This is in
a plants for fish deal.  Please e-mail me off list (or
on if you want) with the answer.  

Thanks, Cavan

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