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ADA Products !!!

Forgive my excitement, I tend to be a shop-a-holic, but it looks like Aqua
Design Amano products are available once again to those North American
aquarists willing to spend the bucks for them..... of course, the source is
in Europe, so the costs of shipping are going to have to be factored in, but
heck, its gonna be cheaper than a trip to Japan.....

I was looking at ADA's Japanese web-site and followed a link to their
European operations, where I found yet another link called "Aqua Goods"
(http://www.aquagoods.com/). From the information on the web-site they will
apparently ship anywhere in the world and accept the standard credit cards
that most of us have (they quote prices in Euro dollars).

Having gone the "shop Europe" route before, I'd caution anyone interested to
be aware of how much Duty your local federal government will add to imported
goods (for Canada, most aquarium equipment gets hit with a 20% duty, while
fertilizers come in duty free - a "mixed shipment" containing both
fertilizers and equipment will get hit with duty on the entire order).

But at least the stuff is available, for those who want it.......

James Purchase