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Re: PlexiGlass

 The thing is there are multiple products sold under the name
of plexiglass.  Some will warp to extremes others like Lexan have
a minimimum warpage problem and still others in the Acrylic family
have no warpage near water.  The big secret is knowing which type
to use for what application.


<<  I am
 not exactly sure what problems warpage would cause,
 other than some very minor (if any) decrease in light
 transmission due to refraction.  Additionally,
 plexiglass is easier to manipulate and less likely to
 break than glass.  Plus it was free.  :)  And I am
 guessing that the statement "plexiglass shouldn't be
 anywhere near water" (paraphrased) can't be true in
 all cases, as it used all the time, as everyone knows. >>