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Re:CO2 fatality

Did you by chance test for CO2 level?
Following is a question that has been on my mind re; gelatin in CO2 mixes
and is not intended as suggestion for cause of Bev's fish loss.
I am no microbiologist, but remember running cultures in lab on Agar agar
which is not unlike jello. I have wondered what the chance of inadvertently
culturing something toxic in gelatin CO2 mixes? If that did happen, what
might the risk to fish/people be?

> I am using DIY C02, with jello, fed into a filter.
> I've used this many times before and this particular
> bottle had been bubbling successfully for over a week,
> with no problem.  For a reason I can't understand, it
> suddenly bubbled over into the tank sometime during
> the night.  Although there was red jello residue
> throughout the whole air line, the tank had very
> slight brownish residue, with no sign of red.  Upon
> waking I found my fish dead.