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Re: Re: American-flag fish aggression


I have 3 American flag Fish in a 55 gallon tank, with white cloud minnows,
Gold Gourami,  and Apistogramma agassizii. The tank is heavily planted, No
CO2, KH about 5, pH 7.5. The male apisto is king of the tank, and chases the
flag fish all over the tank. The flag fish even run from the minnows. Cant
get much more timid than that. Previously, I had two FF in a 20 gallon with
rasborahs and Dicrossis, (sp?) and only removed them because I was afraid
they might eat the Dicr. only because the fish is so tiny, (less than an
inch), but they never bothered any of the fish. Same tank parameters as the

Robert Paul H
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