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Hair Algae & Fertilizer

Hello Listees:

My six-month-old planted tank is only doing so-so. Plants survive, but
leaves are small. In addition, there has been an outbreak of hair algae for
the past 3 weeks or so.

My questions are these:

Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Phos-Zorb:
The LFS tested my water for phosphates and nitrates, both of which returned
0 levels. The guy said this was because the algae was consuming all of it.
He recommended Phos-Zorb to deprive the algae of its nutrients (good
reasoning?). I put it in my Fluva this morning.

2. Fertilizer:
To bolster my plants, I purchased Sera Florenette A tablets. Should I go
ahead and deploy them in the substrate today, or should I wait until the
algae is gone or at least on the decline. I dont know what the iron levels
are currently. I dont have the financial means to buy test kits, but I want
my plants to be happy. Advice