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Re: Antibiotics

+AD4-.   Can I assume
+AD4-that 1ml of alcohol per 10 gallons of tank water will have no negative
+AD4-effect on my fish and plants?  Thanks
+AD4-Tim Argo

Correct.  You'd need a lot more than that to get your fish tipsy -
literally.  Many moons ago when I worked at the Addiction Research
Foundation I had an experiment published regarding the synergistic effects
of alcohol and diazepam.  We used a simple membrane - goldfish and their
And when they get 'loaded' they swim upside down.  (My not being a sadist,
the fish did end up living out their natural lives in a very, very large
pond.)  You need significantly more than 1ml per 10 gallons to have any
effect on the fish.

Gabriella Kadar
Toronto, Canada