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Re: K

>How can I measure potassium levels. Nobody seems to have a test kit. 
Lamott does and you don't need it. Add 1 teaspoon once a week of
K2SO4(Potash of sulfate) to your tank. Yep it's that simple. 
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(2) What potassium containing substance can I add to increase K
(potassium chloride?, potassium sulphate?) that will not be toxic 
and will not add nitrates, and what common household product contains 
it (I can't seem to find a chemists store in Houston selling bulk 
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Go down to the local hardware store or nursey etc. Ask for Green All
brand(see above). It'll cost about 5$ for a lifetime supply. Now your
done with K+, next nutrient please:) Regards, 
Tom Barr 
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Rod <

Same for muriate of potash-K2O? Got a 4
# bag for about 2.50 at the Coop the other day.