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Cabomba growth in hard water.

>>>>Really?  I have several, about ten to 12 stalks of Cabomba in my 37G
>>with about 1watt/G of light, and they seem to be doing fine, as a matter
>>fact I was quite surprised to see as much growth as I have been noticing
>>the last week or so, <<

>Well the term "fine" is a very relative statement! Are any roots forming on
>the ends of the stems? Are the ends rotting?  Are the only roots on the
>upper portions of the stems?  How wide are the gaps between the leaf nodes?
>Close together and thick growth, or widely spaced and gangly looking?
>Cabomba also really does much better in cooler water.

Well I moved some of them around and found that most if not all were forming
roots at the bottom if not, a node just above the bottom, some  of the new
growth is longer internodal wise than what it had, but it is growing quite
rapidly upwards.  The color has varied from my LFS.  but most have seemed to
gained good color.  My water temp is between 77-79 degrees all the time, I
don't have a heater, and so far see no need for it being in Florida.  I have
been adding Leaf Zone once a week or so, and all the plants are doing well.
Save for a couple that are being munched on apparently by some of my fauna.
One thing I am needing to do is trim some of them back abit.  What is the
best way of trimming the Cabombas?  After a leaf node? before it? How much
can I hack off without stunting the plant?   3 inches ok?

I would like to post some pictures on the web, and get some feedback.  Is
there somewhere I can post them easily?

Thanks for all the great info from everyone.

Basking to the glow of my tank,