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really, I am setting up a micro-tank

I wasn't joking guys.

I am going to put a 3 inch fish in a 1 gal pickle jar with plants and I do 
want to rig a co2 line.  The only tech on the tank is the air stone.  No 
other filtration except the plants, cold water (room temp), sunlit, hand 
full of kitty litter clay on bottom.

I need this to take care of the fish, a cold water europeon geugnen (sp) for 
a month or 2 till I can make the drive to retrieve my 55 gal.

I'll probally put a betta or more likly a pair of drawf frogs in it after 
the fish moves into the 55 with my rainbows.

any thoughts on if I should bother with co2? rot he airstone for that 
matter?  if weekly water changes would be enough or if I should go on a 3 
day cycle?  Does anyone keep this kind of fish?
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