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American Green ????

I got this stuff called American Green at Franks Nursery up here in
Minnesota and it says 20-0-20 on the bag.  It also states 20% Nitrogen from
Urea Nitrogen and 20% K20 from soluble potash.. Is this close enough to KNO3
to work in PMDD. I figured it didn't have any phosphorus so it'd work fine,
but I just want to be sure.

Also I was planning on using this American Green stuff, Seachem Flourish,
and then I guess I still need K2S04 what is that sold as? and would those
three things be the only liquid fertilizer I'd need?  I'm then going with
flourish tabs in the my lower laterite sand/Profile Substrate. My tank is a
58 gallon with 192 Watts of ahsupply light eheim canister with minimal
surface agitation and good underwater current, and an m3 deluxe co2