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Re: A Low PH Tank

    Thank you very much, David Youngker, for your very nice post answering my 
many questions in depth.  I really appreciated and enjoyed all of the info 
you so generously shared.  I have a better idea now about low ph blackwater 
plant tanks.  Unfortunately I accidentally deleted that issue of the digest, 
so I can't cut and paste here.
    Sounds like you've really gotten into it- it sounds really neat.  Among 
alot of other interesting things, I was surprised about fungus and mold- I 
knew bacteria are supressed but didn't think of those showing up!  Do these 
tanks have a strong odor (good?, bad?)?  Also didn't realize that there would 
be less natural food for fry.  That would be a downside to me if it was 
severe, because when I have fry (tetras) in a tank I rely mainly on the plant 
tanks' ability to generate food for them until they get big enough to join 
safely in feedings.
    I did find a post in archives saying you use mostly strong root-feeding 
plants with emmerse growth in tanks with extreme conditions.
    Interesting take on schooling- I hadn't thought of that!
    I'd like to ask some more questions soon : ), but wanted to post this.

    Thanks Alot,

    Zach K