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Re: proper feeding of plants

Following Jamie Johnson's comments:  

I fertilize the water column and substrate.  I've
probably said this before (even recently I think), but
I want to say it again because I believe doing this
has helped me immeasurably.  
Divide up your dosage to the water column over the
week instead of once a week or so.  This goes for
trace element suppliments and macro nutrients.  My
plants get what they need and leave nothing behind for
the algae.  In a conversation with Greg Morin of
Seachem, he said that it is actually better to do
things this way, but the label indicates adding once a
week because of convienience.  Adding my stuff only
takes me 5 minutes a day.  No big deal.  Besides, my
tank is almost spotless when it comes to algae.  I'm
sure this has something to do with it.  


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