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Potassium and Nitrates

I have a 120 gallon tank with what I think are fairly high nitrates
(3.0 on Lamotte's test, I think that is about 13.2ppm NO3) and what
I think is fairly low potassium (all large-leaved species end up getting
big holes in the older leaves).

I am adding each day 4 ml of Leaf Zone plus 4 ml of a mixture containing
equal parts of
(1) Leaf Zone
(2) RedSea Flora Fe
(3) RedSea Flora Vit
(4) Kent Freshwater Plant
(5) KNO3 (a saturated solution from stump remover)

Two questions.
(1) How can I measure potassium levels.  Nobody seems to have a
test kit.
(2) What potassium containing substance can I add to increase K
(potassium chloride?, potassium sulphate?) that will not be toxic
and will not add nitrates, and what common household product contains
it (I can't seem to find a chemists store in Houston selling bulk


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