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Eheim CO² Reactor

My order should be arriving today or tomorrow from www.petwarehouse.com
hopefully sooner than later.

My first question is about the placement of the reactor in my tank, where
should it go, near water currents?  near still water, lower, higher in the
aquarium?  Anyone that has been using one of these that can shed some light,
so I only have to set this up once would be greatly appreciated.

Question number 2, I recently had an outbreak of Itch that started on some
of my Rummynose Tetras and soon spread to most of my other fish in the tank.
I have been treating it for 4 days now, and all of the fish have recovered
completely but one, my Bosemani Rainbow, he is abit larger than allot of the
fish in the tank being 2 -3 inches right now, being one of my favorites, I
am especially concerned, why hasn't it cleared up?  Should I quarantine him
and treat him separately?  Right now I am dosing...Quick Cure...for ICK and
LYMPHOCYSTIS.   With my shipment I also have some IK Guard coming, but I
wanted to start treatment earlier than I could get the shipment :)
Mainly my question is should I isolate the rainbow and treat separately or
is tank treatment like this ok?