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Re: Really New


Just FYI.  It looks like that "nestor10" website has not been updated since August of
1998.  There were a lot of broken external links and such.  There's still a bunch of good
stuff there but all of the information I was looking for the links were broken.

Aquatic Plants Digest wrote:

> Aquatic Plants Digest     Thursday, March 29 2001     Volume 04 : Number 929
> Date: Wed, 28 Mar 2001 16:46:43 -0500
> From: "John Godbey" <godbey at direcpc_com>
> Subject: Re: Really new
> I think better than books are some web sites.  I would suggest for good
> information:
> http://www.frii.com/~booth/AquaticConcepts/
> http://geocities.com/Heartland/Hills/2637/main.html
> http://www.mindspring.com/~nestor10/
> http://www.csd.net/~cgadd/aqua/
> and of course
> http://www.thekrib.com/


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