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Re: A Low PH Tank

David A. Youngker <nestor10 at mindspring_com> wrote:

>...speaking of unfinished business, this last time I "crashed" I left a
>conversation hanging with Ivo about his sand. Now that I'm able to get back
>on line, I thought to mail him about it. But in sorting out my backlog, it
>seems there were a few people actually interested in the thread. So I'm
>tossing it back to the list in case Ivo or others would like to bring me
>back up to date on the situation...
>totally y'all's call...

I enjoyed so much your analysis of compact substrates and what could be going 
on with mine. I do not have much to add to the discussion except for one thing:
I am beginning to think that not only compaction, but low temperature, is at 
play here. The tank is in a room that does not get very warm during the peak
of winter. The substrate circulation system is barely working, and the 
circulation in the water column itself is poor: just the canister filter flow,
and too many plants choke the tank. The heater takes care of the water column,
but a layer of cold water develops right above the substrate, about 1" thick. 
And the substrate itself feels very cold to the touch. This couldn't be good 
for the plants, I presume.

Now that the coldest days are gone, I am noticing an improvement in the tank.
I see more O2 bubbles and plant growth seems to be increasing (the mass I
harvest every week is getting larger). It's too early to tell though, lets 
wait a little more and see. Could that be part of some cycle that has 
nothing to do with temperature ?

- Ivo Busko
  Baltimore, MD