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Pinpoint pH Monitors


I have had my monitor hooked up to a battery converter for the last 5
yrs with no problems or crazt readings. It is a universal adapter and
I have no clue where I got it. Probably Kmarts or Target.
I also have a conductivity meter on a Radio Shack "battery elimnator"
with no problems.

There are several warnings on the reef list about hooking your ph
monitor to adapters. Saying that is screws with the readings. Since
mine doesnt fluctuate at all and is close enough to the test kits, I
odnt let it bother me. I am not shooting for precise readings, I just
want to stay in a certain range.

Keith and Lisa                          o
Natural products for the life of your pet.


: Has anyone successfully matched a Pinpoint pH Monitor with an AC/DC
: eliminator?  I hooked my monitor up to a cheapy Radio Shack unit and
: crazy readings.  I think it was because the adaptor was unregulated.
: anyone used the Pinpoint adaptor?