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Re: Good First Book

>Date: Wed, 28 Mar 2001 09:07:50 -0700
From: tony <tony at smith-sligting_com>
Subject: Really new> 
I have had freshwater tanks my whole life and recently I purchased a
bunch of plants to explore the plant life, as well as, the fish life. Is
their a book that I could read that is perfect for a beginner in this
new world? 
- tony<

Forgive me for not being able to suppress a chuckle.:-)

You have this list and you're asking for a book? I have a few fish and
plant books. However I did not know what on earth I was doing until I
found this list and thekrib.com. 

Now I have gorgeous plants that are actually growing. If Tom Barr ever
decides to write a book I would be glad to recommend one to you.