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number of reactors

In my 120 gallon tank there are too many fish.  In order to keep enough O2
in the water I have to maintain some surface movement.  The tank is going to
be somewhat overloaded for a while.

Right now I have one Aquiline Buschke CO2 reactor in it.  Would I do better
if I put another one in?  At this time in order to keep enough O2 in the
water, with the reactor  going at full tilt boogie the pH is at 7.3.  If I
add a second reactor (the fixin's are in the closet...ain't that just
typical ... so much extra junk everywhere waiting for a chance to be put
into use), would this be able to add the requisite amount of CO2 into the
water to balance out the bleed off from the surface movement?  Or should I
just give up on this tank for now and not bother to keep it as a planted
tank?  It seems that with few fish planted tanks are easy and possible.  But
when there are a lot more fish than one should really have (please, again
this is temporary) it's much more difficult to manage both plants and fish
in harmony.  Somehow I doubt the added CO2 provided by fish respiration is
going to make much difference.

Gabriella Kadar