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RE: CO2 controller

> From: Trey_O_Zagst at cargill_com
>      If you do decide to get a monitor, I have found
> calibration solutions
>      at my local chemical supply store in 500ml bottles for a
> lot cheaper
>      than from any fish store.

Another option: Pet Warehouse sells individual packets of calibration
solution for about $1 each. They are a disposable, 1 time use item that I
find a lot easier than worrying about contaminating my reference solution.

To answer someone's original question: check the archives, opinions are
varied, this comes up every couple years (minimum:). I clean my probes
monthly (read as, wipe off film and rinse) and soak/calibrate every 2-3
months. I have been getting about 18-24 months out of each probe over the
last 4 or 5 probes.

I do keep the probe in the sumps, which I assume may reduce the maintenance
interval since it isn't getting lit, and resides in the clean water side.

Jon Wilson