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Re: Re: CO2 controller...

>My plans
>include a Pinpoint PH Controller/Monitor to control my PH via CO2 injection.

Gomberg: >I really don't understand what all this is about.   There are huge pH
swings in natural ponds, and yet the fish and plants do fine.   What is it
we are trying to achieve here?>

I strongly agree with Dave's question. Similarly, many river fish 
routinely experience large temperature swings with no ill effect.

I think that what people are trying to achieve is complete control of 
their living systems. This is neither possible nor desireable. Living 
systems are open systems and cannot be predicted. The techno-dream of 
control is just that, a dream, and from my perspective, a nightmare.

The desire for complete mastery over nature is an old and foolish 
desire.In the hobby, the more close we get to such control, the more 
we turn over to our gadgets, the less engaged we become with the life 
within our tanks. Watch your plants, watch your fish, notice and note 
what's going on in your tanks. The concept of a controlled, 
maintenance-free aquarium is a sad thing.

Hey, if you want a pinpoint controller, buy one by all means. I'm 
just suggesting that there's a very American, quite seductive 
slippery slope here.

John Caddy
Self Expressing Earth (SEE) <http://cgee.hamline.edu/see>
Center for Global Environmental Education
Hamline University