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CF light temps

Hi All,

Its getting to be the end of the usable life for my two 55W CF lamps and I 
will need to buy new lamps. Before I spend my cash, I was wondering if some 
of you could give me some help on the color/appearance, of a planted tank, 
under the different lamp temps?

I presently have 5500K lamps, but find them just a bit to yellow-green in 
color balance. Has anyone tried the 6500-6700K range in a CF? and how would 
you describe the color balance? There is also a 10,000K lamp available, 
would this be to blue, and suitable only for Marine environments?

The lamps I use are Euro type (4 pins in a straight line) so please don't 
reccomend any of the Japanese type, it won't help me much unless they are 
available with both socket types.


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