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Re: breeding tank setup

Cavan wrote:

> I would say you can just add whatever nutrients are
> necessary for the plants.  I bred borellii in a ten
> gallon a while back.  I was using lots of distilled
> water to gradually bring the general hardness down.
> To my surprise, they spawned at 100ppm hardness.
> were wild caught too.

Thanks Cavan!  I am going to put small pieces of a Jobe
stick under some plants and see what happens.  I just
don't want to get the conductivity too high since my
tap water is already moderately high in hardness and
conductivity.  It seems as though borellii are not too
fussy about conductivity (I was told that they spawn
easily at 100 microS as well).

While I was worrying about the conductivity in 20
gallon tank for breeding A. borellii,  my other very
young apisto unexpectedly started breeding in my
heavily planted 75G tank.  I have been feeding a lot of
live food to the tank since borellii in there do not
eat anything but live food.  My Amano shrimp started
carrying eggs lately as well.  All four female shrimp
are now carrying eggs.  There is only one small male
shrimp in the tank (I assume he is a male since he
stays small and never carrys eggs.)

Now I am wondering how I can raise Amano shrimp babies.
Has anyone tried it?