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Re: hard headed... oops, water

I live in what may be intermediate water between SF distilled equivalent and
Tom's current liquid rock (and I presume that of the anonymous poster,

I have about 200 ppm as CaCO3 equiv. and 270-300 ppm tds.

Tom's statement may be quite accurate, but leaves out a few vital details. I
have never kept Gloss. alive in my tanks, while it seems nearly
indestructible in really soft water. The key, though, was my low-light,
low-nutrient, low-tech environments.

If, and only if, Glossistigma is getting high light and full nutrients does
it seem to survive in harder water. I'll be trying some again, soon, now
that I'm injecting CO2 again, feeding and zinging up my lights a lot. I have
very little doubt that it will grow in my "hard" water if I do that.

I can't grow Cabomba worth a darn, either, but I know that's because it
would prefer to have the light from a nearby supernova to do really well.
Mere direct sunlight isn't adequate. :^)


> Date: Mon, 26 Mar 2001 07:46:51 EST
> From: K9AUB at aol_com
> Subject: Re: hard headed... oops, water
> Tom Barr writes:
> > I have never seen a plant that has to be a soft water plant to
> >  grow well.
> >  If anyone "thinks" there is such plant **I dare** you to
> >  respond:)
> > 
> Well... I didn't really wish to engage in mortal combat with you, Tom, and I 
> left my sword at the dry cleaners.  But I would like to comment that I've 
> never had any success growing Cabomba in my rock-hard Nevada water, and 
> that's with as much as 25 ppm CO2.   I've also had great difficulty with 
> certain Echinodorus, such as E. ozelot.  I know lots of people such as 
> yourself who live in an exceptionally soft water area say that hard water is 
> no problem, even though you don't have to deal with it on a daily basis...  
> However, I live in a hard water area, and I can tell you that I've had 
> nothing but problems growing plants in it.  Those problems go away quickly if 
> I dilute out my water with 1/2 or 2/3 distilled water.  Now, while you have 
> the sword to my throat, you might please explain why my experience does not 
> match your theory?

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