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The dreadded (gasp!) BBA

Hey folks,

I've noticed an outbreak of BBA in my 30 gallon tank 
during the past couple of weeks and was wondering if it 
could be related to the fact that my DIY CO2 generator 
died a couple weeks back and I haven't had a chance to 
recharge it?  I'm thinking that without the CO2 the 
plants metabolism has slowed down and they aren't taking 
up the excess nutrients they used to?  I also do a 
gravel vaccuum about every two weeks but it's been 
around three now since the last one.  Nothing else seems 
to have changed in the tank except maybe more early 
morning sunlight is getting into the tank.  While it is 
not a cure-all, I would like to get a couple SAE's, but 
do I starve my other fish so he'll eat the BBA?  I've 
heard they would rather eat fish food if given a 
chance.  Please don't give me the "nutrient lecture", 
I'm well aware!  ;)

BTW, have I used enough acronyms in this posting!?