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A Low PH Tank

    Hello Folks,

    There was a short exchange about this recently, but I'm really interested 
so I thought I'd try for more : )  Have many, or any ?, of you kept a low ph 
plant tank- say around 5.5 ph or so?  How about a pretty-heavily colored 
blackwater plant tank (via peat filtration) in that ph range?  I'd really 
like to hear about it- anything you'd want to share would be appreciated- 
general feelings, set-up details, etc.

    -what kinds of plants were you able to keep?  How did they do?

    -does mulm, fish poop, etc. breakdown? 
    -at this ph range, do the organic acids in 'blackwater' from peat 
filtration have a signif. oxygen demand?    

    -have you kept any tetras in those conditions (bleheri rummy-noses by any 
chance?)?  Did you notice any differences in them there, compared to a 
neutral ph/clearwater plant tank?

    -are bacterial diseases noticeably supressed under conditions that might 
otherwise lead to them?

    Thank You Very Much!

    Zach K