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Re:BGA and (new) AWOL Ancistrus

Hi all,

One reply and one question. 
Regards BGA and temperature: I've had a small amount
of BGA from time to time on one end of my tank and on
leaves of plants at the same end. Only ever occurs
during summer. Wasn't enough of a problem to require
anything drastic. Clean-up was by vacuuming it up
during weekly water changes. I'd always suspected it
was caused by the location of the tank close to
sunlight (southern facing wall of our house is glass
and receives extra light from east to west during
summer). About two months ago I moved the tank less
than 1 metre (2 ft) further away from the wall (it was
already 2m (6.5 ft) away), and the algae is gone.
Nothing else was changed except for seasonal light
intensity and duration as Roger described (but the
other direction- summer to winter). I'd say the tank
is in fact cooler now having moved it further into the
room. The temperature is set for 26 deg C (78.8 deg)
normally. During hot summer days the tank water
regularly sits on 28-30 deg C (82-86 deg F) for days
to weeks at a time. There was no loss in algae during
these periods. 
Now a quick question slightly off topic. I keep
M.praecox Rainbow's, Neon Tetra's, a couple of Gold
Tetra's, and some Lamp-eye Tetra's in a planted tank.
I usually have an Ancistrus as well. When the
Ancistrus gets too big (and too destructive on Crypt
shoots), I trade down for a smaller. This was done
recently, though now it's gone! I've looked
everywhere. It was about 1.5cm (1/2 inch) long. Either
it's jumped (never heard of that) and the dog's eaten
it (he gets incredibly jealous when I'm working on the
tank), or it's been cleaned up by something in the
tank. Some of the Neon's have some bites from their
tails- my guess is these are from a fairly bulky and
aggressive Lamp-eye. My question is: is it possible
that any of these fish would kill and consume an
Ancistrus?? I'd think not. Any guesses ? (forget the
filter) There is not a trace of this fish. The dog's
breath is as horrific as usual so no clues there
(though he has done it before).



Rob Hassett
rch906 at yahoo_com
Brisbane, Australia

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