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Re: beard algae

I meant to say that the potassium additions, better
reconstitution, and co2 helped my plants grow better,
starving the beard algae.  

I disagree that SAEs will eat it.  I was very careful
that mine didn't get any extra food, and I never once
saw it eat any beard algae.  No decrease in the nasty
stuff.  Maybe a half starved SAE would eat some, but
not a healthy one.  

I think the important thing to remember here is to
avoid this stuff at all costs in the first place. 
Green spot and fuzz are probably in the air but won't
grow if conditions aren't right.  If you get beard
algae at a bad time, you're in trouble.  Even when
things improve, it will hang in there a surprisingly
long time.  
I've seen it many times at the pet stores, which is
probably where I got mine.  Conditions for plants in
stores are often less than desirable.  It pops up
there frequently.  Buying plants the day they come in
is a good idea, IMO.  Of course, inspecting all
incoming plants helps.  

I hope this is of some help to someone, Cavan    

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