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Re: Bearded algae problems

> The store recommended I purchase
>  some "Flying Foxes" so I did. Unfortunately, I could only get one as the
>  store as them on order. This fish does not seem to be making a dent in the
>  growth. Is he over matched, by himself, or have I been given some bad
>  advice. How many should I get?

Flying Foxes make poor algae eaters.  Siamese Algae Eaters are a much better 
choice, and will eat some bearded algae, provided you keep the fish hungry 
and don't feed it fish food (which it relishes in preference to algae).  
Otocinclus can help a little with BBA as well.  About 1 SAE per 10 gallons, 
and about 1 Oto per 5 gallons makes a good algae work crew.