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mico aquarium co2 injection/clams

Due to circumstances and situations that do not bear repeating, I will soon 
be setting up a furnished 1 bed room, planted gallon pickel jar for a 3 inch 
cold water europeon geugion (I know, my spellings atrocious, deal with it, 
and I'll get you a latin name on the fish later).

A new buddy of mine was trying to get rid of it on a auction board with no 
takers, and since I asked about it (any thing like a peacock geudeon? no)but 
didn't bid, he is sending it to ME because he is tired of it fin nipping the 
platies it is in with now. I was expecting to have retreived my 55 rainbow 
fish tank by now, but when I went to get it I had a message form the animal 
control job I put in for 9 months ago...wait a minute, I said it didn't bear 

So anyway, here I am back in Mid Georgia, still missing my 55, and my 35 
false neon tank, and even my 10 gal gambusia tank, with this fish due to be 
delivered in the next couple of days.  So into the pickel jar he will go. 
Along with all of the various plants that I have been so diligently 
collecting during my seperation form my tanks, that have been residing in 
various ex-food jars on the window sill above my rather irritated mother's 
kitchen sink.  These include a good handfull of java moss, some water 
clover, some wild collected money wort and the pond snails that came with 
it, and a single micro chain sword (a link?). The working plan is for a 
handfull of kitty litter on the bottom of the gallon jar, followed by the 
java moss, with the rest in there... somewhere...with the money wort on top 
(somehow) continuing its emergent growth.  I'm guessing that the mass of the 
plants withh be about 5 times the mass of the fish, maybe more. (of coures I 
havnet seen the fish yet)

So, how do I CO2 pumb this thing?  I was just going to go with a walmart air 
pump and a wooden airstone and use direct sun light.  So if I use a 16 oz 
coke bottle yeast culture, where do I put it?  Do I put a "T" on the air 
line above the check valve for the pump, and run a second line form the 
culture bottel though another check valve, joining the airflow at the "T" 
and then though a third check valve into the tank?  Or will the air flow 
form the pump keep the check valve open and collaspe the culter bottle and 
draw it into the tank?  Should I just run a seperate line direct form the 
culture into the tank with a second wood airstone and check valve?

Will I even be making enough co2 to matter with the airstone going?

Oh yeah, the clams.  I have fond some clams living in the mud of the stream 
flowing into my farm pond.  they are about the size of a small pinky nail.  
any clue?  I collected 4 and they are living in the java moss jar.  They 
will be rooming with the geudgion too.

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