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Re: Potassium deficiency holes vs snail damage

My 55 gal. tank has had a almost total MTS die-off (only one or two, if 
lucky, seen at night)and no other snail species. I was still getting 
pinholes in the leaves of my A. nana. A. Lanceolate, crypts, swords etc. 
I've been dosing with Potassium, under suspicion of a K deficiency. Not a 
snail problem, two MTS couldn't be causing this much damage, not a K problem 
there is over 30 ppm or more, derived from percentage of dosing, ITS a pleco 

Pulled the Royal Pleco out of the 55 gal. tank and no more pin-holes in 
leaves. Even feeding this monster morning and night, he had to scrape away 
at the algae on leaves, causing small pin-holes. These pin-holes eventually 
decay and expand in what appears as, best described as, corrosion of the 
leaf surface.The leaves eventually become a skeleton of a leaf.

In all three of my planted tanks I have never observed a MTS harm a plant, 
Angelfish, well that's another story. MTS are excellent food scavengers, 
keeping the substrate surface and bottom cm. of substrate nice and clean.

Just my $0.2

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