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Apon bulbs, pictures, and tiger lotus

I put a post in to the digest a week or so ago and  no replys to it. I have 
searched the archives and the internet and could not find any other info. 
Thanks for any help. The message is as follows:

I started a major replant of my tank yeaterday and when i pulled up my 3
apon. crispus bulbs i noticed that one of them had leaves comming out of
each end? has anyone seen this before? I've never heard of it happening
before. should i split the bulb or just leave it as is? Also, i haven't had
time to follow the photo thread and nobody ever keeps the same subject line
which makes it even harder to follow. So... could somebody plaese give me a
recap on it? I am using a pentax manual focus camera With various screw-on
lenses. i use the aquarium lights/ dark room setup to take my pics. I also
use the built-in light meter on the camera to adjust the apature and shutter
speed. I make sure i clean the glass good (inside and out) before i take my
pics. I don't use a flash either. You can see some pics on my website that
didn't come out all that well. http://www.planted-aquarium.com Thanks in

I also pulled up my tiger lotus up because it wa putting up small leaves but 
not realy growing. i noticed it has small parts breaking off the main bulb, 
each with thier own leaves. i pulled the smaller bulbs off and replanted 
them and also planted the larger bulb again. the larger bulb is still 
putting out leaves and the smaller bulbs melted per se like a crypt. was 
that the right thing to do? any help would be a benifit. Thanks in advance.

Ryan Duff
Webmaster, http://www.planted-aquarium.com
duffy730 at hotmail_com or,
webmaster at planted-aquarium_com

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