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Re:Proper p****d off with Proper Ph...

Hi folks,

I don't know if anyone else has been using / is thinking of using Aquarium 
Pharmaceuticals "Proper Ph" product, but if you are I suggest you read the 
FAQ on their web page...


Pay particular attention to the sections "Is PROPER pH a phosphate buffer?", 
"Can I use PROPER pH with aquarium plants?" and "Will phosphate buffers 
affect carbon dioxide test kits?"

I use pH down and pH up made by aquarium pharmacuticals. You have to put it 
in little by little until you get the right pH. It does have its advantages 
though, 1.)Phosphate free, 2.)Plant friendly. I hope this helps. I haven't 
had any problems since i've used it.

Good Luck,
Ryan Duff
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