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Larry, you appear to be correct.  Upon reading the fine fine print, it says
not to use on glassware, porcelain, etc.  Just to satisfy my curiosity
though I am going to try on a piece of scrap glass and see what affect it
has on it.  Guess it pays to investigate everything - I'm not sure my wife
is even aware of the differences it could make when used for washing
different types of dishes.
Bob W.
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> Bob,
> I have never seen that disclaimer on the package but it could be there for
> more than one reason. It may as you guessed have no other ingredients but
> the actual process in its manufacturing may expose it to chemicals
> in residual amounts, that may affect fish, etc. The other more likely
> is that it will scratch your glass. There are many types of "scouring
> with different degrees of abrasiveness. Very similar to sandpaper or
> grinding wheels, some are safe for glass others are not some are safe for
> non-stick pans others are not. You just have to be careful which one you
> use.
> Regards,
> Larry Lampert
> Dallas, TX