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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #914

I wish I had read this email five minutes ago...I just sent a grip of 
micranthemum down the toilet. =)

Micranthemum is a great foreground plant and grows very fast so I'm pretty 
sure it would do well in a low light setup.

Hairgrass is Tom Barr's favorite foreground plant and I have it in my tank as 
well. It doesn't grow as fast as the baby tears in my tank but Tom says his 
stuff grows lik mad. Others have told me that algae loves to grow in the 
dense lawn though. I don't have any algae now so I can't speak from 

Riccia is the hardest thing in the world to grow. It's not that it doesn't 
grow, it's keeping the growth down and keeping the stuff on the bottom from 
rotting. I don't recommend it unless you've got some patience. I'm trying 
again using a lawn of hairgrass to keep the stuff down rather than tying it 
down to rocks.