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BGA and... temperature?


Here's a little open question to the list, with some lead-in.

Over the last fall and winter I had blue-green algae reach nuisance
levels in 4 different tanks.  In one case (low light, no CO2, little
fertilizer) the stuff disappeared after a cleaning.  In two other cases
it disappeared after I put tape over the areas where the substrate was
exposed through the front glass.

In the last case the BGA remained troublesome for a three months or so
despite a couple attempts to get things back in line.  Two weeks ago I
noticed that the tank temperature was a little low (low 70s), so I
turned the heater up to get the temperature into the upper 70s.  The BGA
went into a sudden remission and now after a couple light cleanings
there's only one small patch left in the tank.

I would never have predicted that a temperature increase from 73ish to
78ish would help supress BGA.  Other changes were going on at the same
time, like seasonal changes in light intensity and duration.  Those
changes might have contributed to the retreat, so I don't have any good

So the question... Has anyone else seen BGA recede after a temperature
increase like that?

Roger Miller