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Re: snails

I have a ten gallon choked with java moss, java ferns,
and Anubias.  It had a large pond snail that would
chew holes in java fern leaves.  How do I know? I
watched him do it.  There is no algae of any kind in
that tank.  He may have been starving.  I think that
in most cases pond snails are fine though.  I'm
wondering if the size of the snail matters.  This was
a big one.  I have never seen small onmes hurt

I'm going to chime in here and say again that ramshorn
snails DO NOT eat plants.  

I believe that someone said that they ate some
polysperma leaves.  If it's not a potassium shortage
(which seems to happen to hyrgos first), it could be
fish damage.  Some tetras will chew on the edges, and
it's not incoinceivable that something may chew holes.
Parotocinclus spilosoma does this.  


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