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Re:Anacharis illegal???

;Re:Anacharis illegal???

;So now I'm thinking where am I supposed to get this plant? Is it really
;illegal? I just find it kind of hard to believe that such a popular plant
;would somehow be illegal in the entirety of Canada. Another reason why I
;find the information suspect is that I plainly spot Anacharis growing in
;of their display tanks but of course its "not for sale" which really
;confuses me.

;I would immensely appreciate it if anyone could tell me if this guy knows
;what he's talking about.

Here is a list of plants that are considered noxious weeds and are
considered illegal for trade. Most Stores that carry these are ingnorant of
the fact.  Whoever runs that part of the store didn't do his homework, just
saw that a species name was on a 'bad plant' list and decided not to order
it anymore, without realizing it's one of the species in their own tank.  On
a personal note, I will continue to use some of these plants.  I just take
special care that clippings and prunings don't make it out of the door,
especially with a Lake a few hundred feet away.

I'm not sure if anacharias are on the following list...but it wouldn't
surprise me one bit. Mainly because of it's extremely fast growth, and
dominant exclusion of nutrients, when it appears in the wild in areas where
in isn't autonomous, then other plant species that should be there get
choked out.  Just make sure not to 'release any into the wild' as with full
sun, and in a nutrient rich pond it spreads like a weed.  Actually you'll be
surprised to find some of the popular aquarium plants on the noxious weed
list, and I have personally seen some of these in the pond in my backyard.
 Here is the link where you can learn about other species of Non-native and
Invasive plant species.
The actual listing by common name: http://aquat1.ifas.ufl.edu/photocom.html

I'm not sure if this list is Florida only, it's just something I found while
reading on the net, I keep all the good stuff bookmarked for reference :)