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RE: Ramshorns

>>I regret the day I ever introduced ramshorns into my tanks.  I have to
>>regularly remove dozens of them.

As I do regret the day they introduced themselves to my tank. Apparently
they came in as eggs on a plant. Same way the Malaysian trumpets came in to
my tank. Since it has been a running battle trying to rid myself of them
without breaking the tank down. I hate the little round holes they leave In
my Anubias Barteri leaves in some cases I've removed half leaves that they
have chewed upon. Because I keep mainly Apistogramma rasboras and Pencilfish
in this tank I have not added any of the more robust snail eaters such as
loaches. Recently I did add a young black ghost to the tank. Its great I no
longer have to pick snails out of my tank they are gone. Love it the dratted
shelled crawlers are gone and hopefully they wont return ever. Just my two

Erick Jones