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Re: Anacharis illegal???

Hi Terence,

I don't know whether it's illegal, but according to my experience, the 
Mississauga store is not very knowledgeable about plants.  The Yonge & 
Steeles store is much better in that department.  You could phone and speak 
to Andrew, the plant/fish room manager.  He is very helpful and quite 
knowledgeable.  If he isn't in, you could ask to speak to Domenic or Barry.


>So I went to my LFS with the intention of buying some Anacharis to replace
>some of the unhealtier (ie. dying) plants in my aquarium (this is at Big
>Al's in Mississauga/west of Toronto btw if anyone wants to know). So I ask
>one of the roving employees for Anacharis by name, which he said he never
>heard of, at which point I tell him the scientific name, which he's never
>heard of either. So he consults with another guy and comes back and tells me
>that it's illegal and that the closest thing they have to it is Hornwot