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Re: O2 and CO2 solubility

Elie wrote:

> i don't know what exactly is said in limnology but, 
> unless i'm gravely mistaken, it makes no chemical sense
> for co2 to be very soluble in water or for O2 not to be
> soluble.

Why argue theory?  The values I have for the water solubility of O2 and
CO2 are:

   O2:  1.4e-6 mole/cc/atm
  CO2:  3.2e-5 mole/cc/atm

In that sense, CO2 is almost 23 times more soluble than O2.

I don't have a diffusion coefficient for CO2 in water.  I do have
diffusion coefficients for the other major atmospheric gasses (except
water vapor).  They're all in the vicinty of 2 or 3e-5 cm^2/sec.  I
wouldn't expect CO2 to be much different.

So what was this all about, anyway?

Roger Miller