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Re:O2 and CO2 solubility

"Very soluble" is an extremely relative term. Is 50 ppm considered
highly soluble? We do not mean 100,000 ppm (10%). I think you would have
no trouble achieving 50 ppm in a stagnant lake with lots of organic
decomposition. It will dissolve until it is in dynamic equilibrium with
the air. Such is the case in carbonated beverages in sealed bottles; it
rapidly effervesces when the pressure is released!

As for diffusivity, natural bodies of water circulate nutrients rapidly
via currents and the action of waves caused by wind. Boundary layer of
unmoving water limits CO2 uptake in nature and restricts growth rates.
It is easy to get higher growth rates in the lab (or aquarium) by
increasing the concentration of CO2 and providing circulation. This is
the common wisdom of the APD. Diffusivity is another relative term, even
if its a made-up word. :-) Now that it has appeared in this publication
frequently, Oxford can include it in the lexicon.
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