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Re: ramshorns

Cavan:I have a bunch of the small reddish brown kind in my tank. I'd say
the biggest are a quarter inch. They don't harm plants at all.

I think I must have the same kind. My oldest and largest is about .75".
Lots of others (babies  to mature) also in one ten gallon (introducing
them to other two 10s). I think the CO2 is the main reason for no traces
of algae but for some tufts of dying hair algae on some wood. But I am
pretty sure they help. They crawl all over the plants: java fern,
crypts, red ludwigia, aponogeton and pennywort(?) and not a trace of
damage observed due to snail bites. I've had them for months. Other
occupants: 2 Neo. brichardii, common plec, 2 SAE-like fish(not otos), 1
golden loach, 1 Amano shrimp and 2 aquatic frogs.  15w lighting. 

OT: the red ludwigia has reached the surface and is the favorite resting
place for my golden loach. :)